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Nora tells Ellie they could talk about their horrible dates, but Ellie tells her to have horrible dates to share, she would have had to have gone on dates.Nora questions her, saying she thought Ellie was dating someone, but Ellie tells her she didn't want to talk about it because it was complicated.Tyler asks Chloe if marriage was a little extreme, but she tells him it was the "ultimate prize," that Eddie was the "ticket" to everything she wanted.Tyler tries to get her to say that he was the only man for her, but she reiterates that she was going to marry Eddie.Adriana finds him and wonders why he was texting when the concert was still going on, and he tells her he was talking to Ray about something, to the displeasure of Adriana when she hears Ray's name.She tells Phil he was keeping something from her, but Phil tells her he wouldn't keep secrets from her because he knew what happened with her last boyfriend.Tyler believes things hadn't changed much because of the way she kissed him, but Chloe tells him she was really with Eddie and Tyler should move on too.Tyler says he wouldn't move on without her, and Chloe tells him he should because she was going to marry Eddie Duran and get everything she wanted from him.

After the show, she sends him lyrics she wrote that catch his attention.At their home, Traci calls Jake and wishes that the concert was going well and when it was over, she wanted his "hot body" home.Elsewhere, Tyler and Chloe are making out, but Chloe pushes him off and tells him she needed to go because Eddie was waiting for her.Tyler tells her that he wasn't going to let it happen.Meanwhile, Ellie and Nora drink wine and talk about bad dates and why Nora felt the need to date again because of Loren leaving for college. Don gets a phone call from a woman named Serena and secures a date with her that evening.

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