Egyptian dating standards

When I first happily told him that I was pregnant he left me, his family made him return after a few months, he bullied me constantly, he sat there and laughed as he made me move heavy furniture so get out babies nursery ready, once he grabbed me round the throat when I told him that I didn't have the money to bring him to the UK for the birth, he slapped me on many many occasions - the whole 9 months was a nightmare.I had my baby in the UK, I was so scared about being alone but once my baby was placed into my arms I knew that I had to escape that brute - I did take the baby there a few times but his violence was so bad that I haven't been there in 9 months, still I get constant texts telling me what a bad person I am, he seems to think that he can do no wrong.

I met my Egyptian husband 10 years ago, he was wonderful, very attractive, so funny, so kind, so jealous which I found endearing ( much to my mistake), so mysterious.

Egyptian authorities do not deny going after the LGBT community.

Police, state-aligned media, and the religious establishment see it as a public duty to combat the spread of homosexuality.

Submitted by Sophie (United Kingdom), Mar 17, 2012 at I know that this post will fall on a lot of deaf ears for those planning to marry an egyptian.

But think to yourselves, what are you doing on this site if you are not a bit nervous in the first place??

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