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During her time with EIT Climate-KIC, Kate got the entrepreneurship bug.She quit her job, joined Climate-KIC’s business incubation programme and started running her start-up that produces sustainable fresh fish, salads and herbs in London using a combination of aquaponic and vertical growing technologies.Who wouln't want to live in a beautiful wooden rooftop cabin with views of a city skyline?!

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As Karens says of his degree; 'I had a technical education and learned innovative and entrepreneurial skills that made me the perfect co-founder.' Karens was nominated for the EIT Change award in 2016 and his start-up Plugify has got off to a flying start.He has an academic background in international politics and environmental policy.He joined Metabolic as co-founder, alongside the award winning Eva Gladek, shortly after its inception in 2012.Nils stirred up the global drone scene in his EIT Digital thesis with his discussion on 'Exploring security vulnerabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles’.In this he showed how drones "can be easily hacked with a kit".

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