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You can’t eat peanut butter around Maddie, you can’t offer pineapples to Katia, and so on.Luckily for them, they have very understanding boyfriends.It also got a lot of viewers asking, “How do these people even meet?” Turns out, the Internet often plays a helping hand.If you haven’t heard of “furries” before let me give you a brief education.

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To enforce this, members can vote other members out of the site.” So if you’re looking to sign up, make sure you fit the bill and make sure others agree.The site’s “unique features” include information on STDs, STD treatment stories, support forums, success stories, and “inspirational stories.”Writer Meg Favreau may have said it best when she wrote, “This is the only dating site I have ever seen that shows a picture of an 80-year-old man, but no couples.” She’s not exaggerating.In addition to a big, purple backdrop, the Supernatural Dating Society homepage presents viewers with a photo of an older gentleman wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a pinstripe suit, his chin resting on his hand.Meet-An-Inmate has been ranked a leading website in helping set prisoners up with pen pals.Though it’s an online service, prisoners aren’t given access to the Internet.

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