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A third simply monitors an Ottawan’s front driveway, while the fourth stands guard over somebody’s back door. One hacked camera in Arizona was tapped into a daycare showing the daily activities and napping routine of a group of toddlers.

The hackers have been able to access the live feeds as a result of lax security practices by the webcam owners.

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It’s up to the individual owner to change the login information when they get their camera, wireless printer, router or other Internet-connected device.

Doing so will block access to the hackers and see the camera pulled from those that are indexed.

Such websites “highlight the importance of password hygiene,” said Mark Nunnikhoven vice-president, Cloud & Emerging Technologies at security firm Trend Micro.“The default password that any Internet-connected device ships with is trivial to locate.

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Hackers have created a website to hijack the webcam feeds of more than 73,000 people, including hundreds from Canada — and apparently at least four from Ottawa — and are sharing those video feeds with peeping Toms the world over.

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