Team fortress 2 updating

We have a clear goal of what we want to do with the project and anything else would add file bloat. The biggest factor is we don't want to have to deal with something potentially breaking when valve finagles with TF2.

Plugins only go so far and things like "no hats" and "stock only" are bare bones for what we're trying to do, worst case scenario is we write a plugin to do EVERYTHING (remove glows on cart and intel and those carrying intel, revert weapons to pre-mannconomy state, remove the medic's ability to match scout's speed when healing him), all that is likely to break if valve changes a value or patches something.

TF2 at it's core is a good game, but over the years the countless additions have blurred the art style and lead to things like trade servers which ultimately were where people ended up going.

Not to the fun community servers that offered so much but to lack luster box maps where people idled in spawn looking to trade No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

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The update will include five upvoted community maps with a jungle theme: Lazarus, Mossrock, Banana Bay, Enclosure, and Brazil.

Valve is also offering new emotes, including Dueling Banjos, Yeti Punch, and the one-handed pushup of the Russian Arms Race. Valve has spots for Days 2, 3, and 4 available on the info page.

There are more reasons out there but I felt like these 2 are the biggest reason.

A thing I've noticed is despite the billing people only see the stock weapons and think we're done, we're not.

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