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Things slowly calmed down after his death, until Lakehurst suddenly burned down during a fire.

This forced the students of Lakehurst to move into Degrassi to finish their schooling. The event of the schools merging resulted in many fights and hatred between the students.

The student body is made up of many cultures and backgrounds, paralleling and reflecting the multiculturalism associated with Toronto.

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The canonical street address is fictional - De Grassi Street numbers stop well short of 240, and the letter "Q" is not used in Canadian postal codes.In the spacious front entrance lobby, a mural outlooks the front steps, one later redrawn by Jimmy Brooks.Written primarily at the top of the walls above the locker/hallway areas, there are a number of inspirational quotes employed. Yorke in 2006, a memorial garden is built in his name at the school.He was very insecure and didn't approve of Terri's friendships with Paige Michalchuk, Hazel Aden, Jimmy Brooks and Spinner Mason.When Terri wanted to hang out with the girls instead of Rick, he shoved her against the wall and threatened her to never choose her friends over him.

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